ICSIE | 2021


To discuss the advancement & modernization of city we are pleased to announce “International Conference on Smart Infrastructure & Environment” under “The Smart City” Convergence, 2021, on Role of Engineers in Innovation and Technological Advancement. To make smart Cities in India we need an integrated approach to modernize city infrastructure, and leverage technology to improve efficiency and capacity of city services. Smart infrastructure is more efficient and environment friendly systems for managing among other things, commuter traffic, food distribution, electric grids and waterways. A key factor in the development of smart cities is an integrated and digital infrastructure. It is also considered as the backbone of a city’s economy, with automated and intelligent infrastructure technologies. City transportation is an important pillar for quality of life in a city. In most of the cities, public and private road transportation is the key mode of commuting and logistics. Smart transportation provide affordable and efficient public transport, effective traffic management, well managed car parking lots, pedestrian infrastructure, cycle paths, bike sharing, and common ticketing. Smart environment improves quality of life by treatment and management of waste in environment friendly ways, pollution free air, water treatment plants, waste to energy, cleaner and greener environment for citizens. It also provide clean and piped water supply, 24/7 water supply, smart meters, low water loss, well managed water supply network and efficient grievance redressal mechanisms. This conference will provide platform to discuss the opportunities, challenges and solutions in developing smarter technologies for building sustainable, livable and efficient cities in India.


Call For Papers


Smart Civil Engineering Materials

- Traditional & advanced construction materials
- Green building materials and technologies
- Advances in cement based materials
- Sustainable resources and materials use
- Material quality and control
- Local and recycled materials
- Smart & sustainable materials
- Geo-polymer composite materials

Smart Computing in Civil Engineering

- Remote Sensing & GIS
- Computer-aided civil and structural design
- Computers in architecture planning
- Automated approaches in construction
- Visualization and simulation

Sustainability in Civil Engineering

- Sustainable resources and materials
- Sustainable management of existing building stock
- Sustainable development of building energy and environment
- Urban regeneration and sustainable development
- Sustainable construction management
- Sustainable infrastructure development & planning, sustainable
- Sustainable urban development
- Built environment & land use practices

Smart Transportation Engineering

- Improving existing transportation system
- Smart transportation & impact on environment
- Improvements in material used in highway/railway construction.
- Green and sustainable mobility
- Interconnected transportation system
- Intelligent parking management systems
- Intelligent transportation system
- Technology for smart transportation system

Smart Environment & Hydraulics Engineering

- Pollution control management & system
- Waste water treatment
- Solid waste management
- Recycling and re-use for smart city development
- Reduction methods of waste & bio-fuels
- Biodiversity conservation
- Soil conservation
- Hydrology and water sources
- Flood and drought management
- Irrigation and water conservancy
- Environmental hydraulics
- Water conservancy survey
- Hydraulic engineering production