ICSEC | 2021


ICSEC -2021 aims at bringing together researchers, engineers, students to review the latest development in the area of communication and Electrical energy. The conference comprises of technical sessions, plenary lectures by invited experts.The core vision of ICSEC -2021 is to disseminate new knowledge and technology for the benefit of everyone ranging from the academics and professional research communities to industrial practitioners in a range of topics in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering in general and Analog circuit design, Image processing, Wireless & Microwave communication, Optoelectronics & photonic devices, Nano-electronics, renewable energy, smart grid, power system & Industry Applications. It also provides a venue for high-caliber researchers, PhD scholars and professionals to submit ongoing research and developments in these areas.


Call For Papers


Renewable Energy

- Energy Monitoring
- Renewable Energy Resources
- Greener Systems Planning and Design
- Evolutionary Algorithms in Energy Applications
- Energy Profiling and Measurement
- Harvesting Energy
- Energy-Aware Process Optimization
- Optimization Techniques for Efficient Energy Consumption
- Smart Energy Storage
- Solar System Integration
- Concentrating Solar Thermal system For Electricity, Chemicals and fuels

Smart Grid

- Smart Grids Impacts on Fault Management (Protection Infrastructure, Emergency Response and System Restoration)
- Smart Grid Regulation and Standards
- Smart Sensors and Advanced Metering Infrastructure
- Cyber-Physical Systems Security in Smart Grids
- Architectures and Load Balancing in Smart Grids
- Energy Management Systems (EMS)
- Smart Electric Thermal Storage Energy System

Smart Trends in Power System

- Power and Energy System Applications (Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Markets, Operations, and Planning)
- Automation and Management of Energy Systems
- Reliability, Demand Response, and Load Management and Forecasting
- Wide-area Metering, Monitoring, Control, and Protection
- Economic Models of Energy Efficiency
- Virtualization for Reducing Power Consumption
- Scheduling and Switching Power Supplies

Smart Communication Systems

- Wireless Communication
- Image processing techniques
- Wireless Sensor Networks
- Microwave Communication
- Antenna & Wave Propagation
- Signal Fundamentals broadband Communication
- Computer Networking and Security
- Adhoc Networks
- Wireless Network Protocols
- Mobile Computation
- Multimedia and Qos system in Trafic Management
- Parallel and Distributed Processing system

Smart Technologies for Smart City

- Smart Technologies, Their Role and Application in Smart Cities
- Creative use of Technology for Smart Building and Home
- Advanced Communication Systems and Mobile Application
- Sensors, Actuators and their Networking
- Computational intelligence and soft computing
- Technologies for utility business transformation
- Development Internet of Things
- Smart wearable devices & Computing

NanoElectronics & Photonic devices

- NanoElectronics
- Digital Systems and VLSI design
- Optical Modulation and Signal Processing
- Lasers and Photonic Components
- Optoelectronics and nanophotonics
- Integration of Optical and Wireless Networking
- Design, Control and Management of Optical Networks
- Optical Access Networks
- Analog circuit design and applications
- Bio MEMS / NEMS, Biophysics, Biosensors
- Biometrics and Telemedicine, Biotechnology
- Privacy Security and Trust Issue

Security and Risk

- Information Security Technologies
- Information Risk Management
- Security and Privacy
- Privacy issues in digital enablement
- Critical infrastructure protection
- Critical information asset protection

Information & Communication Techniques (ICT)

- Integrating ICT with urban services
- Enabling ICT platforms for sustainable smart city
- ICT in emissions quantification and life-cycle assessment
- Green ICT services in smart city
- ICT-based disaster response and recovery
- Open access network in future sustainable cities
- Smart city ecosystem modeling, standards and protocols

Sustainable Computing and Communications

- Wireless Systems and Networks
- Integration of Smart Appliances
- Embedded Sensor Networks
- Energy Efficient Network Hardware
- Energy-Efficient Communication Protocols, Interoperability