Call For Papers


Smart Technologies for Smart City

- Smart Technologies, Their Role and Application in Smart Cities
- Creative use of Technology for Smart Building and Home
- Advanced Communication Systems and Mobile Application
- Sensors, Actuators and their Networking
- Computational intelligence and soft computing
- Technologies for utility business transformation
- Development Internet of Things
- Smart wearable devices & Computing

Big Data and Analytics

- Design of computing schemes for analytics platforms
- Systems and techniques for data collection including heterogeneous sensor networks and cooperative sensing
- Data integration, data aggregation, data validation, data cleansing and visualization technique
- Storage architectures, grid computing, service oriented architecture
- Cloud computing framework for big data processing
- Big data intelligent computing, image processing
- Smart data for business intelligence, business process integration and management
- Smart data for social entrepreneurship and community engagement

Green Computing

- Green Data Centers
- Algorithms for Reduced Power, Energy and Heat
- Green Communications Architectures and Frameworks
- Qos and Green Computing
- Green Software Engineering Methodologies and Tools
- Virtualization Impact for Green Computing

Sustainable Computing and Communications

- Wireless Systems and Networks
- Integration of Smart Appliances
- Embedded Sensor Networks
- Energy Efficient Network Hardware
- Energy-Efficient Communication Protocols, Interoperability

Security and Risk

- Information Security Technologies
- Information Risk Management
- Security and Privacy
- Privacy issues in digital enablement
- Critical infrastructure protection
- Critical information asset protection

Information & Communication Techniques (ICT)

- Integrating ICT with urban services
- Enabling ICT platforms for sustainable smart city
- ICT in emissions quantification and life-cycle assessment
- Green ICT services in smart city
- ICT-based disaster response and recovery
- Open access network in future sustainable cities
- Smart city ecosystem modeling, standards and protocols